Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yikes! I Am So Far Behind

I have had a busy week. After recovering from my Atlanta trip, I spent last week getting Jordan and Janelle ready to go back to school. Jordan left on Wednesday and I drove Janelle's stuff to Abilene on Thursday with Karsyn.

They are so funny. Jordan said that this trip to Abilene was the first in 4 years that she didn't cry on the way there. I guess it is because she knew I would be coming the next day. Janelle made up for it at the gas station. As she was putting gas in her car (with my credit card of course), she stood there and cried as her 3 friends watched. They are now both settled in and excited about the upcoming semester. This will be Jordan's last. She will graduate in December. Yeah!!!!!!!!

I have to admit, I was in pure heaven when I got home Thursday night. Pops was out of town in Vancouver. My cleaning ladies came while I was gone, so I walked into a perfectly quiet, spotless house. It was wonderful.

Now it is time to get back to work. I did go out to eat at several different restaurants that I need to write about. I am a little overwhelmed, so I am going to just start with last night's great dinner.

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