Friday, August 11, 2006

Wednesday Night Dinner at Ken's No. 17 Burger Cafe

About 2 years ago, we discovered a new hamburger place in Colleyville. At the time, it was called "Old No. 7". I'm not sure what the significance of the name was. It became an immediate favorite. Shortly after our first couple of visits, we discovered that it was owned by a friend from our church. He would open hamburger restaurants, get them going and sell them. He had his meat processed with special seasonings and had the french fries double fried with special seasonings.

The first time we ate there, it reminded us of a burger place we love in Haltom City called "Clown Burger". The only problem with going to Clown Burger is that they are only open a few hours a day, their hours change all the time, and when they run out of meat for the day, they close. There have been many many times we have fought the traffic to get there and find a hand written sign on a piece of ripped cardboard that says, "Closed, out of meat."

Since Larry sold "Old No. 7", it has now been renamed "Ken's No. 17 Burger Cafe." They still freshly cut the fries (very thin) and double fry them (just like Clown Burger) so that they are dark brown and crunchy. The patties are thin and the buns are toasted. You get a choice of raw or grilled onions.

I had the Chili Cheese burger and it was great. Go early because they close at 8:00.

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