Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where Are The Reviews?

The restaurant reviews have been pretty sparse lately. It is not because of lack of effort. We have gone to several new places, but have not found anything worthy of writing about. I go to new places with such high hopes, only to be disappointed.

Some of the places we have been have just been "okay". Others, just not good.

Friday night we went to Tillman's in Ft. Worth. We have eaten at the one in Dallas and liked it, but Ft. Worth was a real disappointment. We had completely different menu items, so I think to be fair, we need to go back and try our original items and see how it is. In Dallas, we had the ribs, cornbread and french fries. In Ft. Worth, we had the quesadillas, grits and chicken fried steak. The french fries in Dallas were some of my favorites, so I do want to give it another shot.

We had a reservation that we made a week in advance. From looking at, it looked like they were always packed. It wasn't so. I am guessing they block space off during what they think will be peak times. The bar was packed, but the restaurant was empty.

Another one we recently tried was The Love Shack. Just okay, nothing to get excited about.

We went to Vidallia's at the Worthington for New Year's Eve. It was okay, but not great.

I will tell you about a few old ones we have moved back in the rotation.

Lupe's Tex Mex in Bedford - great mole enchiladas - some of the best I have ever had.
Dixie House in Bedford - great meatloaf and pot roast
Mi Chula in Southlake - great meat queso and the BEST sopapillas anywhere. They are little small squares, dusted in powdered sugar and honey for dipping. They are like little donut holes.

We did find a great place for a Mexican breakfast. I will post about it soon.

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Dawn said...

Ahhhh, Dixie House. I live on the east side of Dallas, and still make an effort to eat there when I'm on that side. Great memories every time we go! :)