Thursday, November 26, 2009

TRUE Meaning of Thanksgiving

I am in my kitchen getting the food ready for the Thanksgiving feast. I am fixing my family favorites. In a few hours, we will be going to my Mother's house and spend the evening with 35 members of my immediate family, and many more. We are blessed because we have so many people to share this day with along with a TON of food.

I have recently had a conversation with someone who will be alone for Thanksgiving. Not only will this person be alone, there is no food in the house. I'm not talking about "we don't have anything to eat in this house" food, I am talking NO food. Yesterday, as I went to the store and filled my basket, and today as I make these favorites, I keep thinking about this person with no family and no food.

I think it is great that we go around the world to help other people in other countries, but there are people right here in our city that need help. I am sure there are lots of them. I hope I don't ever forget how I am feeling today. I get to choose what I want to eat, not if I get to eat.

I am very thankful that I have food, clothing, shelter and family.

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Rockelle said...

I reread this post several times thinking surely I missed something. You filled your basket thinking how lucky you are. You cooked thinking how blessed you are. Did you not think to put a few things in your basket for the person with no FOOD! Or perhaps take some of the delicious foods you prepared to that person. You spoke of how "we" help people around the world. Lady, obviously you don't help people anywhere. You should be ashamed.

Shanty 2 Chic said...

Rockelle ~ How dare you come on here and make a snap judgement about a person you do not know. If you knew Laura you would know how much she has done for the community she lives in and the lives she has touched. Just because she does not boast about helping this lady does not mean that she did not help her. YOU should be ASHAMED for the bitter attitude you have toward people and think twice before sharing such a disgusting opinion. Hope you are in a happy place in your life this Thanksgiving!

jg said...

Rockelle, I find it interesting that you read this post several times and yet still managed to miss the ENTIRE meaning. She could have written a whole post on HOW she helped this person yet chose to focus on what matters. Maybe you should read it several more times....

Jordan said...


I am stunned as I read your comment. It is obvious that you do not know Laura, if you did you would know that she is one of the kindest and giving people you will ever come across. She has spent her life giving to others is ways you wouldn't even believe. She does not do this for the fame or the glory, which is why she does not post her good deeds on this blog. I could go on and on about the wonderful things that she has done for other people but I will only name a few: foster mother, CASA advocate, dedicated volunteer at Fellowship Church. The list goes on and on.
Laura did bring food to this family. She went ABOVE AND BEYOND as she always does. She called this family and said "what can I bring you?". She then went to the grocery store and filled her basket full of food for this family. Not only for Thanksgiving, but enough to last her several weeks.
Laura is in inspiration to all who know her!