Sunday, February 22, 2009

T. D. Jakes

Every year, my church hosts a conference for pastors and leaders worldwide called C3. Last year they started something new called C3 nights. Pops has been at the conference for the past few years. Last year, I went to C3 nights to hear T. D. Jakes. It was unbelievable. I couldn't wait to come back this year.

This year, C3 nights lasted for 3 nights. The only night I wanted to definitely go was Friday night, when T. D. Jakes returned. After hearing from my children how wonderful the other nights were, I made a commitment, that I will never miss any C3 nights in the future.

Friday night with T. D. Jakes was something that I have never experienced before. I have listened to him online during his live services and on TV, but as great as he is, it is not the same as when he comes to C3.

5,200 people were in the house. We parked in the dirt. There were extra chairs brought in. There were 3 overflow rooms. We sat in the balcony, almost at the top. I have never experienced anything like it at all. If you live in the Metroplex, I encourage you to come next year. It is open to the public and is an indescribable experience.

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