Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Hurting Family Needs Our Prayers

Jimmy and his precious boys

This precious family needs our prayers. God called Jimmy York, who is the Married Life Pastor at our church, home last night. They are hurting so badly and God's comfort will be the only thing that will get them through.

The great news is that we know without a doubt that Jimmy is with Jesus. He is having a grand time with Him right now.

His precious family is hurting. Tricia who is only 31 is having to face raising her two boys, 4 and 10 months without Jimmy. She will have Jesus with her every step of the way. She will not be alone.

Jimmy and Pops were great friends. Pops felt like Jimmy was a son to him. He was always so proud of Jimmy and how he had matured as a Pastor. Right now they are teaching a class together about leaving a legacy in your marriage.

I don't understand the "why" in situations like this. But one thing I do understand, without a doubt is that when you are a believer and have placed your faith in Jesus Christ, he will be with you every breath and every step. You will not be alone.

Jimmy was a great pastor, teacher, friend, husband, father and son. He has passed on a legacy to those who know him. I pray that God will use Jimmy's death to bring others to Him.

Please pray for Tricia and the boys and Jimmy's Mom and Dad and brother.
Pops has written a great post about Jimmy and how we can honor him through our lives. Jimmy has left an awesome legacy, he just did it at such a young age.

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York Family said...

Thank you for your prayers, love and support, Laura! I cannot thank you and J. Lee enough for holding me up through this horrible tragedy. May God bless you both!

Heather and Ken Alford said...


I just read your blog and you are right on with everything you said. I am at peace with Jimmy leaving so soon because I know he is with Jesus.

My heart aches for Tricia and the boys. I know they were the light of his life and it will be hard with out him here.

Janelle said...

Everytime I read your blog, I cry. It makes me SO SAD to imagine what Tricia and the whole family must be going through.

I'm glad that you and Daddy can help support her. Y'all are such amazing examples and I love you very much!

A tragedy like this makes me even more appreciative for my family :)