Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day of Lasts

After 3 months, today is my last day of j*ry d*ty. I hope I can make it through the day. The past few weeks have been rough. This may be the last time I ever do it because I have learned that there are corrupt people around, and it doesn't mean just the criminals. I am not so sure about our judicial system anymore. I have learned you can't trust anyone.

Back in July, Pops decided to resign his administrative position and go back to teaching, which is his absolute gift and love. He has been very excited about this. He is not into all of the things that go along with the administrative part, and since July, he has gotten happier each day knowing that he is closer to going back to do only what he loves.

They are having a reception in his honor today to thank him for the past four years. This will be his last day on the job for awhile. They are giving him a sabbatical until May, so he will have a nice long vacation. I doubt that I will be able to make it to the reception since we have been leaving the courthouse after 6 each day this week.

Tonight we will celebrate our "day of lasts" with the family. We are going to go on a carriage Christmas Light tour in Highland Park. I saw an article about it in Southern Living and it looked like fun. The carriage has lights and Christmas music. We start at 8, so it will probably be cold, but I am expecting a great time.

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gigi said...

It must be frustrating to hear all that you have heard! To quote a Judge, "Our judicial system, flawed as it may be, is still the best in the world."
(Seriously, thank you for your service. Most people wouldn't take the time or effort!!)

I can't wait to hear about the light tour. That sounds like so much fun!

jaghrn said...

How was your Highland Park carriage ride tour??? We did that one year and it was soooo much fun! We took hot chocolate and snacks with us. It was like 28 degrees out the night we went! Cold but FESTIVE!!!!Hope urs was too!!!!