Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Can't WAIT For This Election To Be OVER

Watch out, I am on a rant. Remember, this is my blog, where I voice my personal opinions. So that said . . .

I am sick and tired of people forwarding me political emails. Most of them contain words that are just flat out lies.

The one so called "fact" that I am most appalled at is that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ (and I have gotten it several times). How dare you! I have personally heard Obama say in an interview on TV that he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior when he was a young teenager. Who are you to judge his salvation? If his words are to be judged, should we judge your salvation? You have claimed the same savior as he has.

I have heard and read all of the rants about him being a radical Muslim and that his middle name is a Muslim name, Hussein. What were you raised? Did you have a choice on what race your mother or father was, or what church or schools they took you to? I don't think so.

All that said, I know and have known for a long time who I am voting for. I do not like the policies of the Democratic party. I think the government has their nose in too much of our business as it is. I don't want them any more involved.

Before you forward emails, make sure your facts are correct. There are ways to check; Snopes, Factcheck, and others. If you don't like the policies, that is fine.

Attack the policies, NOT the person.

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kelli said...

I agree! And in fact, I feel that way about ALL forwards. There are not snakes and heroin needles in the ball pit, dialing *77 on your cell phone does not call the police, and Jesus will not love me more if I forward this to ten people!

Drives me CRAZY.

Lolly said...

AMEN Kelli!!! Oh, and please send this to 10 friends within 5 minutes and you will have good luck.

Kay said...

Yep! Everyday I open my email and count the days until the election is OVER! And yeah.. I guess I don't love Jesus more and I don't have ten friends because I don't do the forward thing...at all. S.T.U.P.I.D.

KARA said...

For me, the more emphatically the email says to forward it on, the less likely I am to send it to anyone! Grrr....I'm right there with ya Lolly!

Kay said...

Loved this post! It's hard even for un-political folks like me to keep from blogging about it. lol

BTW.. you've been tagged. Hop over to see me for the info.