Friday, October 24, 2008

30 Years Of Hard Work - Why I Don't Want To Pay More Taxes

Pops has worked very hard all of his life in everything he has done. When I met him, we were 15. He was a great student then. Very smart, but worked hard to get good grades. He started working when he was 15. He worked delivering furniture for Penney's.

He was an only child whose parents didn't make a lot of money. He had to work for anything he wanted. He didn't have many advantages over most people. He did have a roof over his head, clothes for his back and food. I do admit, that is more than some people in this world have. He also had a dysfunctional household with alcoholic parents that was very difficult.

He went to Austin College in Sherman. It is a very expensive college and his parents couldn't afford it. He had plenty of scholarships, grants and loans, and he worked every single weekend. He drove home and worked to deliver furniture so he could have money. He graduated with a very high GPA, again for his hard work.

Right before he graduated, we married and both worked full time jobs. At that time, he started working on his MBA. He didn't just take a class here and there. He worked hard, and attacked it. He worked 6 days a week and went to school 4 nights a week.

After graduating from a high ranking college, he still worked hard physical labor delivering furniture, because it paid better than any other jobs he had been offered. After getting his MBA, he worked full time and then started teaching part-time at night so that I could stay home to raise our children. He worked very hard.

He loved to teach and decided to pursue a Ph.D. so he could make a living at teaching. You can't have a secure teaching job at a university if you don't have the letters behind your name. He attacked school again, working and going to school. He finished the course work in four semesters, took all three of the comprehensive exams during the same season, and wrote his dissertation while teaching 4 courses at Texas Wesleyan and two graduate courses at UTA. From start to finish, he took 2 1/2 years. I think that is a record. Why? He is a hard worker and had the desire to provide for his family and he did whatever it took to get it done.

He has worked hard to get to where he is today. He has a successful career and a successful consulting business. No one gave him anything. He worked hard for it all. He has worked many extra hours and studied hard because that is what he wanted for his life and his family.

His story is similar to so many others who have worked hard to overcome disadvantages and provide for their family. Yet, now there are people in America that think he should share his successes and pay more taxes. They think he needs to give more to the government so they can help other people that don't want to work as hard as him. The effect of this kind of thinking is to penalize those who have worked hard and to reward those who don’t.

Don’t misunderstand me. We are willing to pay our fair share. We are concerned about helping others who are less fortunate. We tithe to our church and give over and above our tithe to help take care of others. I believe in taking care of the widows, children and the sick.

But, is it fair that we should have to give the government more of our money to help people that don't work as hard as we have for the past 30 years?

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