Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank You Readers - All 5 Of You

I'm excited to see the comments from all 5 of my readers. My numbers are doubling. Seriously, thanks, it is fun to read comments.

I had to write about my precious little Landrie. She is always saying the cutest things. Whenever she says anything to me, it always starts out with "Hey Lolly". I wonder where she got that from? Whenever I say something to her, I always say "Hey Landrie". I guess it is a southern thing.

Monday, I cooked. I know that is really unusual, but I started cooking early in the morning and made some really good ribs. There were a few left.

Yesterday, as Landrie and Karsyn were eating their PB&J (Uncrustables that is, because I have gotten too lazy to even make sandwiches) I was eating a rib. Landrie said, "Hey Lolly, I didn't know you saved any of those stick bones."

I now have a new name for ribs.

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Way More Homemade said...

Let's see what did Sarah used to call drumsticks...

chicken bone stick or something.


Janelle said...

Did she see you eat the meat off down to the bone too? :)

I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

Brea said...

Ha ha ha, I love it -- kids say the funniest things and they don't even know it!

Missy said...

Landrie never lets us down with the funny comments! She definitely keeps us entertained!!

KARA said...

6 - count them - SIX left out lil' ol me! Ah Laundry...stick bones - LOL! If only she knew they came from an animal...she probably wouldn't eat them since I've heard Jenn call her "my little tree hugger"

Gigi2 said...

Now your up to seven readers.....I'm a little behind on posting, but I do read your's and Jennifer's blog everyday! That's the only way I ever know what's going on with the girls or get to see pictures. Landrie is really into smiles these days! I just hope you know how blessed you are getting to be with those sweet girls everyday! OBTW...yes, I am jealous and I will admit it! Just kidding Lolly. I am very thankful the girls have you and you have been so good to take care of them.