Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Love Sarah Palin

I was so excited to hear her speak last night. She did a good job. I didn't like the negative attacks. I wish her speech writers had left that out. I like for people to win on their own merits, not on discrediting others. I liked her best at her press coverage when she was just talking straight from her heart and you could see her personality shine.

I have to tell you about my FAVORITE part of her speech. First I need to give you a little history.

When I was a foster parent for Gladney, I loved my babies so much. It was so important to me that they be always be dressed really cute (in Gymboree) and that they have perfect hair. If I had a girl, they ALWAYS had a bow and if it was a boy, his hair was always perfectly fixed. I even used gel and hairspray if it was really wild. I was well known for using hair clippers and scissors to get the perfect look. (I don't think sideburns and hairy ears are very cute on a baby.)

There were many times that their hair got unruly, and I would slick it back down with a little water if available, or I just used a little spit. Now, I did it very discretely with a couple of fingers, but lots of babies wore my spit.

I got so cracked up last night when the camera showed the Palin's youngest daughter holding the baby, and spitting on her hand and slicking his hair down. Her mama taught her well. She has been taught the importance of having good hair and she took care of it.

She is a woman after my own heart. Oh, and I did love her line about the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull - lipstick.

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gigi said...

I loved Sarah Palin last night, too! You may not believe me, but I thought of Janelle when Piper slicked that baby's hair with her spit. It reminded me of her with your "babies". Sarah Palin reminds me of a Lens Crafters ad. I think that's where I've seen her.

kel said...

Yup, I really liked her a lot also. She's got spirit. :)

Gigi2 said...

I didn't get to hear the speech, but I have heard and read some of her comments. I usually don't get into politics that much, but this one has me interested. I did listen to McCain tonight and was touched by some of his comments.
I am still undecided right now. I have always voted republican because I was "raised" that way; but this time I really want to know why I am going to vote the way I will.

Lolly said...

GiGi, I agree with you. Way to go thinking for yourself and not letting someone else do it for you. I have gotten caught up in it this year, I think since I see our country as doing so bad right now. I want to really understand it and not just make comments that I don't understand. Pops has a degree in Political Science, so last week when the democrats were speaking, I would stop and ask details about what they were saying.

Way More Homemade said...

I loved watching Piper and how Trig, the baby was passed down the row. So cute.

And, I think it's fairly traditional (at least over the last decade or two) for the VP candidate to be somewhat of a "bull-dog" instead of the Pres.


Cristel said...

I too loved Sarah's speech but I will NEVER forget her daughter so lovingly licking her hand to make sure the baby was looking just so. It cracked me up and just absolutely melted my heart.

The Gerwer Babies said...

I wanted to comment back to you from teh comment you left on my blog regarding my brother TJ. Yes he goes by Tyler all the time but his family calls him TJ ;). I told him i will never change that. He did go to Harwood. He is doing much better and recovering at home right now from his surgery. Any message you would like for me to give him?