Monday, September 8, 2008

I Hate Cellphones!

The other day, I went to the Nail Spa to have my nice relaxing pedicure. I love to sit and soak and read my magazine. Unfortunately, the girl next to me wanted to talk loudly on her phone the whole time I was in the chair. I was really not interested in hearing about her real estate deal and details about her kids. I was a little surprised that she was saying some of the things she was out loud, and saying names where everyone could hear. I think when people get on their phone, they forget where they are and don't think about who might be listening. Over the years, I have heard some interesting things. Do you not think that people around you might know who you are talking so badly about?

A funny thing I have noticed is that when people get on the cellphones, they talk really loud. When you get 2 or 3 people going at the same time, it is really annoying.

Last week when I was at a Bible study, 4 cellphones rang within the first 20 minutes. What's up with that? Can't we turn them off for just an hour? It is pretty sad when they have to announce in church to turn your phone off. I have recently saw a sign at a Dr.'s office that said they will take care of you when you are off your phone.

We have a rule in our house. If we are taking our kids out to dinner, they have to turn their phones off and leave them in their pocket. I can't stand trying to carry on a conversation with them and they are constantly texting and asking you to repeat what you said because they are so engrossed with their phone.

Most of my good friends are attached to their phones like it is an appendage. I am not perfect, but when I am with others and my phone rings, if it is an important call, I will answer it quickly, and call the person back later, or just let it go to voicemail. By quickly, I mean less than a minute. That is the great thing about caller ID and voicemail, you don't have to answer it and you can take care of it later.

I think it is just plain RUDE to carry on a long conversation while you are with someone else. It makes the person you are with feel very uncomfortable. One of my worst lunches ever was with a friend at Celebrity bakery. When she came into the restaurant, she was on her phone. We stood in line together, ordered our lunch, and I had completely finished mine before she got off the phone. We then had a 5 minute conversation and left. For me it was a wasted lunch. I would have much rather gotten something to go and eaten by myself in front of the TV. This has happened to me many times, but this was the most extreme occasion.

Have we forgotten our manners or do we just not care? When I am with someone and they take a long call, I feel like they are talking to the person that is most important.

Am I alone, or does anyone else feel this way?

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kel said...

Oh, I feel the exact same way. I know you worked Gymboree in the past- so did I, and I hated when people wouldn't get off the phone when I was trying to check them out. I'm trying to help you here, lady, get off the phone and listen to me!

KARA said...

Lolly - I give you a big AMEN! I actually got a pedicure on Friday and had a VERY similar experience. I get a pedicure about twice a year so I covet that relaxing time and didn't need Ms. Talky-pants next to me to literally stay one the phone the whole time! My other issue with them - the age of people that have them. Seriously, someone shoot me if my child is under the age of 13 and has a cell phone!!!

Cristel said...

Amen sistah!! I completely agree. Especially with the texting and checking email phones that are out there now. It's a serious sore spot with me. I try very hard to not talk while I'm in public unless it's necessary. I think people in general have really lost the art of having good manners. There is too much causualness in our society. Is that a word?? People think it is perfectly fine to announce their personal business to complete strangers and don't care how offensive their conversations may be. I could go on and on but I'll get off the soap box now!

Missy said...

Oh my, I am totally convicted by this post!! I must apologize, because I think I'm Ms. Talky-pants as Kara said!! I'm TOTALLY addicted to my emails and texts now too, so I'm starting to be less of a talker and more of a texter, but apparantly that is annoying to some of you too. Shoot!! Sorry to all the cellphone haters! I'll try to mind my manners in the future! :)

Gigi2 said...

Amen Lolly! When I go to get my nails and toes done (every two weeks) the most annoying thing for me is when my nail tech is talking to her family on the phone and isn't paying attention to what she is doing with my nails and/or toes! How rude is that. I am paying for a service and she is distracted on the phone!
And, with voice messages, why not wait until you can call them back when you have the time. Today, I was leaving the Post office and nearly had a wreck with someone pulling out in front of me while talking on the phone. That's another sore spot of mine.......talking on the phone while driving. Sure, we all do it, but pay attention to the other people on the road too. Well said Lolly!