Thursday, July 24, 2008

What In The World Have You Done?

Jennifer had a 30th birthday party for Lamar last Saturday night. Here is a family picture that they took. They look really nice, except . . . that awful mustache on Justin. What is he thinking???

I call him either Mr. Arkansas or Mr. West Virginia. He looks like he belongs back in the 80's. It will be shaved off around August 11th and then I will let him go out in public with me. I am embarrassed to be seen with him. I'm sure people are thinking, that guy is really cute, but what is up with that WT mustache? Does he think he looks good?

He and six of his buddies from college are all going to Challis, Idaho in a couple of weeks to camp out and go to the "Braun Brothers Reunion", a country music festival. In college they used to make the rounds to all of the concerts and one of his favorites is Randy Rogers who will be there. Back in the day when Randy was in town, he used to spend the night on Justin's couch.
Another big reason for the trip is to celebrate the last hoorah for his friend Greg, who is joining the Navy Seals. Greg had a great college career. He was ACU's quarterback and given the Purple and White award at graduation. He has not been fulfilled in his work life and has decided to chase his dream. His mother and Justin are not very happy about it.

For the celebration, all the guys thought it would be funny to shave their heads and grow these disgusting mustaches. They think it will be funny to get on the plane and look like that. They won't think it is funny when they get interrogated by Homeland Security.

Until August 11th, I will limit where I go with him. I guess we can go to Pancho's, Hooters and Dairy Queen.

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Brea said...

This cracked me up, although I do have to agree with you about Justin's mustache. I saw those pics on Jenn's Facebook page and I was like WHAT???

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

You can also take him to Whilhoites on main in Grapevine...he will fit in with the biker crowd there!!! Justin is such a cutie inside and out, he could be sporting a mohawk and we would all still love him!!! so good to read your blog!-Sandra

Gigi2 said...

Well, what do you think of Lamar's?
I never have like facial hair either and then with that bald haircut! Boys will be Boys!
One funny about Justin though...Landrie told me about Justin's killing birds and said that God was going to have to help Justin not to want to kill birds anymore! Mmmmm????

Gregorio said...

Tread very carefully here Mrs. never know how a group of crazed white trash hooligans might respond to such derogatory remarks!! I hope that Justin is going to shave the handlebars off and just go with the 80's turd stache, for that is what the original plan called for. Love the blog but I must make one correction to your entry; I did have a career at ACU, but it was in no way memorable or outstanding, unless you count interceptions as memorable.