Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Am Very Disturbed

I am an easy going, happy go lucky person. I don't get bothered by much and if I do, I shake it off and just move on. Lately, I am not been that way. I am very disturbed about the state of our world. It seems to be going downhill fast and it is scary to me.

It seems like every week, there is a disaster in a foreign country. I don't think we actually think about the numbers as being actual people. We just listen to the news and say, "oh, how sad" and move on. Over 50,000 people are presumed to have died in a earthquake in China. That is 50,000 lives and many grieving people who have lost loved ones and/or looking for their family.

The week before, more than 134,000 people lost their lives or are missing in Myanmar. There have been hundreds of people killed in the war and, more every day. There are a lot of hurting people in this world. It is so easy to listen to the news and put these people out of your mind, but there are many hurting people because of these tragedies.

The price of gas is horrible. It is almost $4 a gallon. I fill up, drive off and say oh well, but there are many people that are on very tight budgets and it is hurting them greatly. There are individuals who have businesses that this has been a huge impact in their lives. There are single mothers who have to have the gas to get to work to provide food for their children that just can't afford it.

My daughter was telling me about a woman that has not been able to pay her day care for the past 11 weeks. She has written bad checks, given many excuses, had declined credit card payments and has now been told she can't bring her child back until she pays the back payment. She is hurting financially and it is devestating her entire life. When she came to pick up her child, she was humiliated and had obviously been crying because her eyes were red and swollen. She was hurting so badly.

I have always been an American Airlines flyer. Last week they announced that they are cutting 12% of their flights, raising their prices and laying off over 1,000. Every single flight I have been on in the past year has been packed! No empty seats at all. Because of extra charges, there will be more carry on luggage. There is not any room right now for extra bags and it is going to get worse. What will happen is there will be no room in the overhead and they will have to "check" the excess baggage and the flights will be delayed while that is being done. While they sit on the tarmac, the air will be turned off to save fuel. For me that means getting HOT and panic.

I was booking some flights yesterday and decided to cancel. I can see the nightmare coming. It has happened to me before. Your flight is cancelled and you can't get on the next one because it is already booked., and so are the next 10 flights. I don't want to fly for a very long time. American Airline employees have jobs that are in jeopardy. They are hurting.

I have really noticed lately, that restaurants are not as crowded. You can walk into a nice restaurant on Saturday night and there are empty tables. People can't afford the luxuries of going out anymore.

I will still have my house cleaned, my yard mowed, my hair colored, my nails done, drive my SUV that gets 15 miles to the gallon, get my prescriptions and go out to eat every night just like I have for a long time. I am very aware that there are others that live very close to me that will not be able to decided "what is for dinner", but are saying "are we going to have dinner"tonight."
How much worse is it going to get? It is very scary to me. I am ashamed of myself for thinking that I am bored when there are so many people in this world that are hurting!

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Gigi said...

I have had the very same thoughts lately. It is scary times. I am reminded everyday that we depend on our God to get us thru each day. If we have never known God or asked Him for protection and guidance, now is the time. Thru Him, we can do all things. Thru Him, we can survive. Thru Him, we have salvation.

Janelle & Ella said...

I completely understand what you are saying. My heart has been so heavy for different situations. Not only with the HUGE tragic events going on in the world, but also with all the death going on in our country with people we know or people we don't know, like the Chapmans. I'm really struggling trying to sort through all my emotions also right now.

Julie said...

Preach on sister. I don't know if it's my age or the state of the world that has caused me to stop and take notice. What CAN I do? We have started recycling, using reusable grocery bags, tupperware in the lunchboxes, etc. It's small, but it's what I can do. We stay home and don't drive as much...I think just being smart with what God has given us is what WE can do. Teach our children the importance of serving Him. Thanks for your insight.