Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Drama at Our House

Jordan called me last night, just balling her eyes out (oh how I love it when people use that phrase - it really exaggerates the crisis). When she got home from work and the nails salon at 9:00 p.m., there was an eviction notice on her door. That came just a few days after she came home and found the electricity turned off (this has happened umpteen times before).

After Jordan graduated from college and got a job, she wanted to move out. At the time, the only person she knew th needed a roommate, was one of her best friends from college, Jeremy. Jeremy was a really nice guy, but he had his issues and now has a whole lot more.

Jeremy is gay, so their relationships is completely platonic. He has always been so nice and fun and he is a believer. Unfortunately, this part of his life he really struggled with. He is either very committed to living like God wants him to or he is totally off in the right direction. There was a period of time where he was trying, with God's help, to live a "straight" lifestyle.

That was, until he met his new crush, Ben. Since the new crush, he has gone off the deep end. He has been partying like no other and been very irresponsible with his money. When the partying got really out of control, Jordan decided she was moving out. Out of respect for him, she didn't want to put him in a bind, so she was waiting for the lease to be up. She told him she would stay til the end of April, but the rules were no drugs in the apartment and no cats.

Luckily for her, her name is not on the lease or the utilities. She is so mad because she gives him cash twice a month for her half and he obviously used it for other things. Ben has broken up with him and he decided to buy a plane ticket to visit him. I guess that is where her rent money went.

Last weekend, Justin and Jordan signed a lease on an apartment that they can move into April 18th. We are helping her move tonight so her stuff doesn't get placed on the curb since she has to be out Thursday. She will live with us until then with her stuff in our garage. Jeremy did not come home last night and he is not answering his phone. I hope he comes home before Thursday so he can get his stuff out.

Janelle and her boyfriend of over a year split up yesterday.

Aloha Hawaii - take me away.


Brea said...

Oh Laura! I am so sorry about all of this. What timing. :( I am praying for you all -- especially Jordan and Janelle.

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Laura...are you sure we are not related??? My life has been filled with chaos this month and last night Syd called and she broke up with her boyfriend of four years! She has called in tears, makes me want to cry too! Can I get on that plane with you to Hawaii??? I have not been at the office long enough to talk with Justin about the move...will stay there tomorrow so I can catch up on his life!! Praying for calm and peace for both of us and our children!!!-Sandra