Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sad/Fun/Chaotic/Busy Week

The title sums it all up for me. While this past week was fun, chaotic and busy, it was also sad. I felt so sad for my friend Pat, and her loss was in the back of my mind the entire week. It didn't seem right to be having fun while she was feeling such sadness.

Pops and I went to one of my favorite cities on Wednesday, San Diego. We had a great and relaxing time. While he worked, I spent my days at La Jolla beach. It is the most peaceful, relaxing place. Saturday, Pops and I went back and just sat on a cliff watching the waves for a couple of hours before we came back home.

We went to church on Sunday morning, which is very rare for us. Going to church is not rare, just on Sunday. We have been a part of Fellowship Church for the past eight years and we have only missed about 6 weekend services. Not because we feel obligated or feel like we have to, it is because we want to. We arrange our travel schedule around it. We always go on Saturday night, but if we can't make it, we will go on Sunday.

I spent the afternoon cooking and getting ready for our family Easter dinner at my Mother's. That is where the chaos comes in. I have a great family and we have fun, but when we all get together it is total chaos. Between the egg hunt and my great niece Hayden's birthday, it was out of control. We had about 50 people and 10+ were kids under 5.

Here is Karsyn, just before the hunt. She had so much fun.

Landrie wanted to play in the sand, but she finally got into hunting the eggs.

Aunt Nelly helped Karsyn.

I wanted to get a picture of all the cousins, but some wouldn't cooperate. Here are a few of them and a friend of Hayden's that was there for her birthday.
Landrie and Tris were left alone for a few minutes and got a little out of control with the eggs. This picture is after several minutes of clean up. They had a great time.
After our dinner, we went to the Jarnagin's and sat around and listened to stories from Jim's family and friends in preparation for his services. They had 40+ family members come from out of town. Most of them were from Florida, Georgia and Alabama. There are 5 kids in Jim's family and 7 in Pat's.

Monday night there was a visitation and prayer vigil. Pops put together all of the stories from the family and friends and gave the Eulogy. Yesterday was Jim's funeral. What a roller coaster week!

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Gigi said...

You were all in my prayers..I know what a hectic week it must have been. But what a beautiful family you have. Such gorgeous grandchildren and cousins. We enjoyed our short visit even though the girls weren't feeling their best. I am looking forward to Karsyn's birthday and visiting with you.