Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Fought The Law And . . . *** *** Won - Part III

I did not want to leave the courthouse and eat lunch. I was not familiar with the area and was afraid I might be late. I couldn't be late for my trial, and besides, I had a parking place close by in the lot across the street, and I definitely did not want to lose that.

I sat in the hallway outside the courtroom and ate my bag of peanuts. I got a Dr. Pepper and thank goodness I was smart enough to take only a couple of sips because as the day would go on, there was not an opportunity to go to the bathroom. I probably would not have gone anyway because I don't think they would be up to my standard. The courthouse didn't look like it had been updated in about 50 years. It probably had not been cleaned in about 25 years.

My fellow jurors started gathering in the hallway. I am sure they were wondering what kind of interesting trial they were getting ready to enter into. My attorneys returned from lunch and we entered the courtroom. It was kind of crazy to think that all of these people were here for a traffic ticket.

First, we have the bailiff. He was a little miffed, because he is used to his afternoon nap, and this trial was going to cut into that time. He did manage to get a little wink in here and there. The judge was miffed because this messed up his docket and he is used to not having to do anything other than put his signature on a few documents and be out the door by 4:30.

The cute little red headed prosecutor was miffed because "she was not expecting this at all." She got her friend Nick to help her. At my table were my attorney Kendall and her attorney friend that would be helping her. (I was thinking to myself at this point, I am doing pretty well because I have 3 attorneys for a trial and it only cost me $50 - lets just say that is way cheap in the legal world.)

Next starts the jury selection. We rose as all 15 unhappy people took their place. It was just a little obvious that they were not too thrilled to be here. Most people who have jury duty are hoping they will get dismissed early and be back home and get a free day off of work. Unfortunately for these citizens of Dallas, they were going to be here all day long and get paid $3. I did feel sorry for them. I would not have been too happy if I was in their shoes.

As the jury selection was going on, Tina entered the courtroom. We have known each other for a long time and we both knew that we could not make eye contact with each other. We both have a problem with inappropriate laughter and we knew this was definitely an inappropriate time.

She did look a little ruffled. She had just gone through the security checkpoint and they took way to long checking out her new Dooney and Burke. She was wondering if she would ever see it again. She had her camera in her purse, because she has learned from our children that every moment in life is a scrapbook moment. She got some good pictures as you can see, but she forgot to get one of herself with the security guard. She was not sure if it was a male or female, she just noted that she had more gold in her teeth than I do in my wedding ring.

After much questioning of the prospective jurors, they finally picked the 6 that would be deciding my fate. It was now 2:30 and the trial was about to begin.


Brea said...

Argh -- more anticipation!!!!!

Lolly said...

Brea, I am trying to pretend like I am Ree from "Confession of A Pioneer Woman". I don't know if you have read her, but she has a story about how she and her husband met that she started last summer. I don't think I will be going that long.

KirkKrew said...

So far, so good! I know the ending...I know the ending...

I won't tell though.

Gigi said...

Very Good.........I like this. It's like reading the next chapter and anticipating the ending.
Anxiously waiting!

Gigi said...

Ok, I waited a day, and came in tonight to read the next chapter..woe is me....there is nothing here today.