Friday, March 7, 2008

I Fought The Law And . . . *** *** Won - Part II

After sitting in the court room for an hour and staring at the walls, the Judge entered the room for the police officer docket call. As the names were called, more than half were dismissed because the officer was not present. They called the names in alphabetical order. Mine was one of the last called and when it was called, they announced, officer here, state read.

At this time, they recessed again. This is where they are hoping you and your attorney will accept their guilty plea bargain and you sign off and their job is done.

After about another hour, my attorney called me in for a consultation. At this point I had been at court for 3 hours. She presented me with the plea bargain from the court, which was to plead guilty, pay $160 and be on probation. The fact is, I did not feel like I was guilty. This was not an issue of the money, but about my innocence. Remember, we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

I told my attorney the story about how I got my ticket. She had two co-worker attorneys with her. One of them (Robin) spoke up, and she knew exactly the intersection I was talking about. She said she had so many tickets from that location from her clients, that she had driven the route just to see what the signage was and find out why there were so many tickets from there.

My attorney Kendall said she thought I had a good case and she would love to try it if I wanted to. She said she does not get many opportunities to try cases because most people plea bargain. Robin said she would testify about the intersection because she was very familiar with it.

So Kendall said lets have a trial. She told the prosecutor they we were requesting a trial and the prosecutor was lets just say "a little miffed". The court is not used to this. It would mean a lot of work own their part.

They had a docket call for the afternoon that would have to be moved to another court with another judge.

My attorney asked if any of the witnesses would be willing to come testify. I told her "no" they were busy and would have a 45 minute drive just to get here on such a short notice. She said that if I could get someone it would really help my case.

The Judge said for everyone to return to the court at 1:00. I was still in a little disbelief because I could not believe that so much time was going to be spent defending a traffic ticket.

As I went in the hallway, I checked my messages and I had one from Tina. She asked what was going on and said if you need me to come as a witness I will. We joked back and forth and she said I am serious, I am coming over. So, the fun was about to begin.


Brea said...

Woo hoo, it's getting exciting -- I can't wait for the next installment! :)

Gigi said...

The suspense is killing me! Hurry up, Lolly!