Friday, February 15, 2008

Jordan is a Hoarder

Back in 1986, my sister was pregnant with twins. They were born at 29 weeks. During her pregnancy, I helped her out a lot because she had 3 other children at the time. She had lots of money at the time and to show me her appreciation, she bought me this purse. I loved it and used it for many years.

When I was finished with it, I couldn't bear to give it away, so I just put it in my closed. A couple of years ago, Jordan decided she wanted to use it. She called it "the vintage". She loved carrying it around and she used to always laugh about people asking if it was real. (It looked very used).

For a long time, she has been saying she wanted to buy a new one, but just couldn't part with the $$$. About 2 months ago, she decided it was time to reward herself and she bought a new one. It came in a beautiful box with a beautiful bow.

Today, 2 months later, it is still in the box with the beautiful bow. Why??? She is afraid to use it. She doesn't want it to get messed up or dirty. She just can't do it. So she pulls it out every few days and admires it and then puts it away in its safe little place.

Whenever I see her, I always ask if she had taken the Louis out yet and the answer is always, I just can't do it. I guess she really is enjoying it, because it is still new. For what she paid for it (more than her regular paycheck), I guess it is okay to hoard. I think I would too.

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Brea said...

Wow, she definitely needs to just break down and carry it! Although, I can't even imagine how expensive it must have been! Years ago, I wanted to get one of the small LV bucket bags, but couldn't bring myself to part with $450. Looking back now, I wish I had! :) However, I'm enjoying my new Coach purse just fine.