Monday, February 18, 2008

The Final Questions

It has been fun answering the questions. The last four are from Gigi. She is Landrie and Karsyn's other grandmother from Salado. What a wonderful place to live! We just wish she was closer and I know she wishes she was closer to her girls. She misses them so much!

Who is my favorite movie star? That would have to be Julia Roberts. She is always in fun movies and in real life she seems like such a nice person. The only thing I can find "wrong" with her is her children's names. They are a little strange. Hazel, Phinneus and Henry.

What is my favorite food? That is without a doubt Mexican. We eat Mexican food several times a week. I love it all, and it is unfortunately so fattening! Friday night we had La Hacienda Ranch and last night we had Pappasito's. Two of my favorites!

What do I like best; mountains, beach, country or city? I like anything with water. I don't have to get in it, but I love to see it. It can be the beach, a lake, a river, a canal, I just love water. When we visit cities with water, I love to take boat cruises. My very favorite thing is to sit on a beach and feel the sand on my toes and listen to the water. La Jolla beach in California is my favorite. With the temperature usually in the 70's, it is just perfect and oh so beautiful.

What are my hobbies? I really don't think I have any particular hobbies, but there are things I enjoy doing. I enjoy cooking, although I don't do it much on a regular basis anymore. When I do, it is for fun. I enjoy reading. I only read at night, but I usually have a book going and I love my subscription to People magazine. I read every word in it. Jordan and I have a joke, and I really think this is right, if it is in People then it is true.

This past year I have picked up card making. The most fun part was gathering all the supplies. Considering all the supplies and machines I have bought in comparison to the cards I have made, I am at about a cost of $20 per card right now. I hope to lower that amount.

My last hobby is traveling. I like to visit new places and see new things. Las Vegas is the only place that I like to have repeat trips. We have a few fun trips planned for this year. Next month, I will probably make my last trip to San Diego and La Jolla beach. Pops is on his last leg of working there so I am going one final time. In April we are going to Hawaii. In June we are going to London and Scotland and possibly in August, Anaheim. We should find out about Anaheim in March. I have entertained taking Karsyn and Landrie with us, but the jury is still out. Landrie would be so easy to take (4 1/2), but I can't take her without Karsyn. Karsyn will be two in April and she needs to be potty trained before then.

I need to find some time to squeeze a Las Vegas trip or two in this year. My favorite.

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Gigi said...

Thanks Lolly for the post! I too like Julia Roberts, Mexican Food, and water. If I could just have a swimming pool in the backyard, eating chicken enchiladas, relaxing to a great Julia movie, and then of course, jumping into the pool with my granddaughters....oh, I would be happy!!!