Wednesday, December 12, 2007

She Is Tough!

This precious little angel is my tough girl. She had a rough day Monday. There was a struggle all day long with Landire, Rudolph and Clarice. She and Clarice were at the top of the stairs. I don't know if she was trying to protect Clarice from Landrie or what, but I heard a loud crash and scream and she fell down the stairs. Luckily my wooden stairs are L shaped with a landing in the middle, so she only fell down 10 stairs and not the whole staircase. When I got to her, Clarice was at the top, she didn't make the trip down, and Karsyn had a fat bloody lip.

Landrie was at the landing, so I don't think she was directly responsible. She had two more accidents where she was laying in the floor crying and hurt. The crazy thing is that although she hasn't been on the stairs much at all lately, the rest of the day I couldn't keep her off.

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Gigi said...

OMG.....what a horrible day! She is going to be the "no fear" one. She is tough, but!!! Sounds like Rudolph and Clarice are stirring up a little trouble!! Mmmmmmmm?

Hang in there Lolly!