Monday, December 3, 2007

I Feel So Way Behind

Please forgive me for not responding to your comments. I have let my blog get so way behind. When I do my blogging, I usually check on all of my cyber friends to see how they are, with the intent of updating mine, but after reading the others, I am sometimes too mentally worn out to write anything on mine and realize how insignificant my "stuff" is. As I have said previously, I have been following birth stories. Several of the "multiple" moms I follow have recently given birth, some with great results, some struggling. One of the Trisomy 18 babies I have been following was born this past week and lived for 3 hours and another is being born today. My daily musings pale in comparison to what these families are facing.

So, this morning, I am starting with mine. I feel like I have a grip on Christmas. I have rules for myself. I have to have all of my gifts wrapped each day before I can go shop for more. (That includes what the UPS man delivers each day) I did not follow the rules this weekend and the Friday and Saturday stash got out of control. (I let it slide because I had the Bell craft show to attend early and a couple of sales that were one day only sales.) I spent most of the day yesterday wrapping, so I am ready to go today. I am dreading the UPS delivery from Gymboree because that one will have me a little busy.

I have another "Christmas Rule" and that is that all 8 people in my immediate family have to have the same number of gifts and I have to spend within $5 for each person. I don't ever want anyone to say I'm not fair. It gets challenging to do the same for Janelle who is 20 and wants everything she sees and Karsyn who is 1 1/2, but I am successful. This year I got a little over organized and have spreadsheets for everyone.

Shelley, if you are still around, I will explain how I did the collages. I started with a blank canvas and papers from the scrapbook store. I just tear them to fit and glue them on with Mod Podge. I sponge painted over the paint and the put Mod Podge over the entire canvas and then added the embellishments. Now is a great time to purchase embellishments because most of them came from the Christmas ornament aisle. Hope that helps.

In all of the hustle bustle of the season, I am trying to make myself enjoy the moment and stay focused on the reason we are celebrating in the first place, the birth of our Saviour.

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