Thursday, September 20, 2007

Slacking On The Blog

Janelle just told me I have been slacking lately, so I decided I better post something. Pops has been out of town lately so I haven't eaten anything significant or different. We have been eating at our old favorites. Nothing new on any of the menus.

I have been getting a little crafty lately and have been working on some pictures for Jordan and Janelle. They are both in new apartments and needed something on their walls. You just can't walk into a store and buy a picture that is hot pink and black (for Jordan), so I decided I would make one. It has been many years since I have done anything crafty. Back in the day, there was a project a week, but I am over that now. These will go over their beds. They are on a canvas that is 36 x 24. I will be going to parents weekend in Abilene and take this to Janelle.

Jordan is getting her new black bedroom suite today, so I will hang this for her.


Janelle & Ella said...

Lolly! Those are AMAZING!!! You are so talented. I love them.

Brea said...

OK, those are REALLY, REALLY cute! PLEASE share how you made them!!! :)

Gigi said...

Laura, those are really nice. I would be interested in knowing how you made them too! I love new ideas!
Can't wait to see you all at Landrie's b'day party......I can't believe she is 4.

sandra f. said...

They turned out great!
See what I mean by being inspired! I think you can call yourself an artist, because you were inspired and then did your own thing! With FAB results!!! Loved your I will know where to go eat around town!