Thursday, April 5, 2007

Fickle Followers

This title is the same title of the Bible study that I read this morning. I try to read "Our Daily Bread" every morning, but I don't always do it. Today's study reminded me of this post.

The scripture was Matthew 27:15-23, where people in the crowd were supporting Jesus one day and then calling for his crucifixion the next. On Sunday they worshiped Him, but on Friday, they didn't want Him around anymore.

The study says, "Let's not waver in our relationship with the Lord. Sometimes we worship Jesus heartily on Sunday, but the very next day we live as if we find His presence intrusive. Or we tell Him on Sunday that we love Him, but the we fail to obey Him throughout the week. Don't be a fickle follower of Jesus. Worship Him every day - not just on Sunday."

Our lives are an act of worship. How we live our lives shows Him how much we really love Him.

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