Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Challenging Day - Update

I made sure that I took my blood pressure medicine this morning. Today may be a challenging day, but I am hoping it won't.

I have Karsyn all day today and will have Landrie after school. They are adorable, but they are 1 and 3 and they require much needed attention.

Justin (24) is having his tonsils and adenoids out this morning. As much as I love him to death, he is horrible to be around when he is sick. Pops is at the hospital with him now and will be bringing him back for me to take care of. He will be my biggest challenge. This morning, I have been making Jello and Chocolate Pie Filling. I hope he will do well and feel great, but the Dr. said he will be down for 2 weeks. Pops just called and said the Dr. said he did the easy part and now we have the hard part. Can't wait!!!

Jordan works for an emergency youth shelter. Every couple of weeks, I will either take pizza to them or cook something for them as a little treat. They are teens that have been removed from their homes by CPS and they need a little extra special something. I told her I would cook for them today, forgetting about my nursing obligations, so I am fixing Chicken Enchilada Casserole for 20.

I am hoping for the best today and am thankful that I have all these people in my life that I can help, even when it is a challenge! :)

Update - My patient did fantastic! He totally surprised me. He has been eating a little bit, talking, and he is up and around. He left at 11:00 a.m. this morning to head back to his apartment. I just hope he will stay off the streets as long as he is on his pain medicine.

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Gigi said...

Bless you Lolly! I will be thinking of you. I only wish I could be there to help you out. Tell Justin we wish him a speedy recovery. Give my girls a hug and kiss from their Gigi. I miss them terribly!