Tuesday, April 10, 2007

America Idol - Top 8

This is going to be really random. I have not blogged about AI in detail in a while and I am just chomping at the bit.

First of all, I think this season has been pretty boring. The singers for the most part don't sing like they want to be the next American Idol. They just don't want it bad enough.

I do like Jennifer Lopez. She seems like a really nice person. While I was watching her, I was thinking about how everyone says she is heavier than most in Hollywood and they are always talking about her curves. I thought she looked great. I would trade bodies with her any day!

Very random, but I also like Ryan. When we were in New York for New Years Eve last year, he was on Good Morning America. He was very nice, friendly and personable. This is a picture that I took.

My last random thought, I hate hats. Between the practice session with Jennifer Lopez and tonight's performance, Phil, Blake, Lakisha and Melinda all had hats and I thought they looked awful. Enough random thoughts . . .

Melinda - I thought she was great. She moved around. I thought we saw a new side to her. I loved her dress.

Lakisha - I loved her too. I also liked her dress. She has an awesome voice and I think she is right on every week.

Chris - I thought he started kind of rough and was a little flat in parts. I like him, but don't think he is the best. He will go far because the judges are wanting someone "hip" and he fits the part.

Haley - Well, if you can't sing, you have to do something else to get the votes and since she has a great body, she just takes off more clothes. I used to feel sorry for her because she is just out of her league, but I have lost my sympathy. She is obviously undressing for the votes and that just doesn't work for me. This is a singing competition. P. S. - The red lips need to go.

Phil - I hate to say this, but he is creepy. I can't hardly stand to look at him, and he always wears those terrible hats. He always has the cocked to one side. He sang okay tonight, but he sounded like he was straining his voice to sing. It would serve him well to get some of Melinda's humbleness.

Jordin - Has a great voice and is always right on target with her performance. She is a little immature, but I think she will be in the top 3.

Blake - Did a great job tonight. I feel about him the way I do about Chris. The judges like him because he is "hip" and he will go far because of that. I did not like his outfit tonight.

Sanjaya - Was not as bad tonight as usual. He does need a new stylist. The hair just keeps getting worse. He did better when he was doing it himself. The facial hair looks like a 14 year old that has not started to shave. Yuk!

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