Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blogger Block

I think "blogger block" is going around just like the flu. There are several blogs I read regularly and several of those bloggers are claiming "blogger block" and taking a break. I guess I have kind of taken a break since I haven't posted in a while. We keep going to the same restaurants and everything we have eaten seems dull and boring.

Karsyn and I went to each lunch at Celebrity with Pat today. This is about the 6th time we have had lunch there in the last two weeks. When it was only Landrie, we went 5 days a week, but Karsyn does not have the same personality as Landire. Landrie would sit for hours (yes hours) and eat Cheerios and entertain herself. Karsyn does not like to be still. She does not eat Cheerios and when I put her in the hi chair, she immediately grits her teeth and yells. I know it is hard to believe looking at this adorable picture.

Another reason I have not blogged lately is because I try to post pictures with them to make them a little more exciting. This is what happens lately when I try to take Landrie's picture. Her favorite hiding place is under the kitchen table.

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Gigi2 said...

OH MY! How precious!! I can hardly wait until Spring Break. Karsyn just gets prettier and prettier by the minute! I guess I will have my hands full trying to take pictures while they are here. Thanks Lolly, and tell Jenn she needs to update her blog...I'm tired of seeing Princess Poops Alot!! :)(just kidding-haha)