Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This Is How I Feel!!!!

I took this picture of Landrie yesterday. She is doing her "silly" face, but I think it also looks a little crazy. She quite often says, "Lolly, you are crazy". It is usually because I will hit a bump while driving and after that, I sometimes make sharp turns to make her laugh.

I am feeling a little crazy today. January is always such boring month to me after all of the craziness of November and December. January is just dead. With the bad weather since last Saturday, it is really been dull and boring. For some reason the news people think they need to cut out all of the regular TV shows so that they can tell you how bad it is outside. That makes for such a boring day and it is driving me crazy. I got out for about three hours this afternoon (on the dry roads), but that did not cure me.

I did wear my flip flops and capris so that made me feel a little better. Now all we need is some SUN!!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree! This crazy weather is making me stir-crazy!!

Gigi2 said...

Me too! Grandpa and I are both getting "cabin fever". Hopefully, we will be back at work tomorrow. I cleaned and organized kitchen cabinets today. UGH! Thanks, Lolly, for the picture. I hadn't seen that sweater....too cute! I have some of those silly faces too from Christmas. I told Eddie today that it's almost been a month since we saw the girls. I feel a trip coming on as soon as the weather gets better. Flip flops and capris sound really good right now! Take care, GIGI