Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Do You Seriously Expect Me To Sleep?????

I have had "sleep issues" for several years now. Pops says they have gotten worse in the last year. My sleep issues have become his sleep issues. I wake him up every night snoring.

Being the great wife that I am, I made an appointment with a sleep Dr. and this is what happened. I went to the "sleep lab" last week and spent the night and had everything on except the mask. Try sleeping with 25 wires connected to your head, face, chest and legs. Last night, I went back and got the beautiful mask.

I have sleep apnea so the mask will be my bed partner forever. Since I won't be snoring, I am assuming Pops will stay around also.

The test showed that I woke up 80 times during the night because I stopped breathing. The good news is that with the machine, I should not have any breathing problems and sleep through the night.

I only slept 5 hours last night with the mask at the lab that claims it is like a 5 star hotel, but I would guess it to be more like a 2 star. The good news is that I feel very rested and not groggy and alert like I normally do.

The best news of all is that since my body will be getting more oxygen in the night and more rest, my metabolism should return to normal and I should be able to lose weight. I also have decided that the mask will eliminate wrinkles. The way it stretches over your upper lip, it should flatten the craters out and give me a much younger appearance. Can't wait!!!


TF2 said...

Oh, Lolly ... I am sorry, but I am laughing out loud right now. I'll bet Pops is excited about the new look in the bedroom. As our friend once said, "I guess that's where the love comes in!"

P.S. Don't light any candles in the bedroom with that thing on!

Gigi2 said...

Lolly, I had a friend recently tell me her husband has the same thing and goes to bed at night with the mask and he will turn to her at night and ask her..."Wanna Make Out". Try that on POPS!!
I am so sorry....I have sleep issues too, but I have been so afraid to go because I don't want that thing on my face! Can't wait for Landrie and Karsyn to see their Lolly and want to "try it"!!
If it helps on the weight issues, I might wanna try it too!

Lolly said...

I hate the thought of wearing it, but I am looking forward to a good nights sleep and I know Pops is!!!!

It is a very minor inconvenience for what is supposed to be a life threatening illness. I keep telling myself this is a piece of cake compared to chemo or other horrible diseases.

Just got to have fun with it!

Gigi2 said...

Lolly, I liked your reply....yes, it is a minor issue compared to so many other things! You are great and I admire you for who you are and your wonderful attitude towards life! The girls are lucky to have you for their "Lolly"!