Saturday, September 23, 2006

University of Dallas Gala

Pop's and I attended the 50th Anniversary Gala for the University of Dallas last night. It was held at the Fairmont hotel.

The entertainment was much better than the food. The Commodores (Lionel Richie's old band) performed for over an hour and did a great job. I had forgotten that they sang so many songs that I really like. (Brick House, 3 Times a Lady, Easy, Nightshift).

We had a salad that would have been okay if it wasn't room temperature, beef tenderloin and sea bass with roasted red pepper mashed potatoes and 2 asparagus sprigs with a carrot and 2 grape tomatoes. Needless to say, it was your typical boring, bland banquet food. The names on the menu made it sound much better than it actually was.

The best part was dessert. It was a dessert trio with a chocolate bowl with fresh berries, flourless chocolate cake, which was very good and creme brulee. I would eat the dessert again, but I'm sure I didn't gain any weight from my meal.

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TF2 said...

I want to see a full picture of that dress! I think that was the best part of the banquet!!