Friday, August 11, 2006

Traveling with Issues

Pops and I enjoy traveling, whether it is for business or pleasure. We try to make it a grand adventure and see everything we can and eat at as many places as we can. Pops knew that we had several trips planned this summer, so for my birthday he bought me the "Frommers" guide for each city. I read them like a book and have our plans made about what we are going to do and where we are going to eat before we ever go.

We are going to Atlanta tomorrow and between my travel books and Rachel Ray, the trip is all planned out.

I became claustrophobic on a small Delta plane approximately 5 years ago. I did not let it stop me from traveling, but I make sure I am sitting in an aisle seat close to the front of the plane with plenty of air conditioning. Thanks to American Airlines, my last two trips have made this fear a nightmare.

I have plenty of Xanax and I am hoping that along with sitting in First Class on the front row I will survive. All I can say is they better have the air conditioning going good and strong.

My only other psychotic issue is that I am addicted to Carmex. Only those that are addicted will even remotely understand. I have to put it on my lips approximately every 15 to 30 minutes. If you don't put it on, your lips feel very dry and miserable. With the latest terroristic threats, they have banned all liquids and gels and that includes Carmex. I have been scheming all day yesterday and today trying to figure out how I am going to smuggle it on the plane. I am afraid that if I put the tube in my bra, there will be a bulge and they will search me and send me away. So far my best thought is to squeeze some in a tiny baggie (like you get from the jewelry store) and hide it in my bra. I think the only way they would find it would be with a strip search and if it came down to that, I would be out of that airport faster than Osama Bin Laden.

Hopefully, the air conditioner will be on, I will have my Carmex and we will find some new great restaurants to write about.

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Mama-Bear said...

Let me know if the baggy worked! I am freaking out about flying to LA next Friday without my nose spray and Blistex!!!! I'm thinking I will just put my Blistex in my pocket and walk thru. If they search me and find it I'll play dumb!!! What to do about my nose spray is the big question...I can't go 3 hours on an airplane without it...maybe I can hide it under a boob in my bra. Darn terrorists!!!