Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Survived the Flights

As I wrote earlier, between my claustrophobia and Carmex addiction, I was not sure I would make it to Atlanta and home.

Thanks to Pops being a frequent flyer, we got upgrades to first class both ways and not only that, we were on the first row. That really helped me with my needing to be the last one on and the first one off of the plane. The AC was working well and I never got hot (YEAH!!!). I was fully prepared just in case. I took my Xanax and I had my Carmex tucked away.

Since Carmex is contraband, I did have to hide it in my bra and hope I wouldn't get caught. I also left my regular tube in my lipstick case in my purse just in case the TSA was not very thorough in their search. Both times, I made it through security with no questions asked. Either I looked like an addict and they didn't want to take my "stuff" away from me, or they don't do a very good job of screening.

On the way home, I brought some banana pudding (another story) in a bag and it passed. I was not sure if it would qualify as a liquid or a gel and might be destroyed. They x-rayed it, but didn't even look in the bag. (I wonder what banana pudding looks like on an x-ray).

TSA really makes me feel safe.

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Brea said...

Love the blog Laura...and I'm enjoying finding all these new restaurants that Tommy and I need to go to now! Have yall tried Johnny B's in Southlake? It's a really good little hamburger joint right off Southlake Blvd. Their burgers and fries remind me of In-N-Out Burger in California! :)